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We were part of the team that pioneered home loans in South Africa as the first, non banking, company to finance home loans. 
Now, as HOMEZONE FINANCIAL SERVICES, we're taking home finance even further. 
We have extended our home loan origination expertise into a complete homeownership solution giving you convenience, expertise, savings and an ONE STOP FINANCIAL SHOP. As the experts in home finance, HOMEZONE FINANCIAL SERVICES gives you the edge in finding, financing, insuring and ultimately, enjoying your home. 
HOMEZONE FINANCIAL SERVICES exists so you won't have to go it alone. So you can find the home you want, buy it, move in and love living in it.  



HOMEZONE FINANCIAL SERVICES are the experienced independent broker in South Africa.  We offer:

Debt Consolidation and other highly effective Debt  Solutions                                                                                                                                                      
Facilitation of the best products for new bonds
Remortgaging advice
Expert consultants offering the highest quality of service and advice
The South African credit market has changed significantly over the last few years heightening the need for
customers seeking debt solutions to use an independent broker like HOMEZONE FINANCIAL SERVICES.
So contact us for the best advise and options out there, before you do anything:

Why it is beneficial to use an Independent Broker or Bond Originator.
A broker saves you time - the broker's job is to make sure that he does all of the investigation and running around so you don't have to. One point of contact for you to the many points of contact for lenders
out there in the market. You don't arrange property finance everyday - we do - so we know the ins and outs
of the processes and products of all the lenders. It's our job and we take it seriously.

A broker saves you money - not only in the phone calls needed to get in contact with many lenders if you did it all yourself - but by structuring correctly your broker knows how to get the best deal possible for you. With HOMEZONE FINANCIAL SERVICES  we seek to assist in improving your financial position further by sourcing better insurance quotes for you helping you better afford your finance.

A broker puts you first - an independent, direct to customer broker has only one client - YOU.
Call us on 083 755 0888 / 083 693 0808 / 012 56 77 55 2 / 3 to find out more, or complete our online Application form