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How to identify a good agent

I ever received was to pick an area of specialization and to stay true to it by becoming
the very best within that discipline. Doing this has enabled my firm to achieve four distinct benefits:

1. Superior market knowledge
2. A tremendous competitive advantage
3. The ability to easily differentiate our services
4. The platform to become the best building sales brokerage firm in the area. 

My operating model is highly specialized. Only sell properties 
represent sellers on an exclusive basis, and work within a strict “territory system.” Divided the area into territories, with one agent in each neighborhood.  Pretoria is far too big for any one agent to know everything about every area; focusing on one neighborhood makes it possible to achieve a high level of market insight.


If a client owns three properties in different neighborhoods we are able to provide accurate, high- quality market information within minutes from the agents in those territories.
Focusing on one neighborhood or area helps our agents establish a track record much more expeditiously.

If agents have been active within their territories for only six or nine months but have sold three properties, their credibility in the local market is significantly higher than someone who may have been active for two years and sold twenty buildings in twenty different neighborhoods.
Another advantage of the territory system is that agents are able to speak more intelligently about a particular market and a particular topic or issue relevant to that territory.

The agents know every property that has been sold within the last couple of years, its condition, tenancy, capitalization rate, and so forth. They also become aware of proposed zoning changes and planned new developments.
never to speak negatively about the competition. We believe it is a sign of desperation and insecurity. We always focus on our strengths and differentiate our services from those of our competitors without conveying negative messages.

I am really confident, that is why I should get the business